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"Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life!"


Founded in a collection of hand sculpted garden statuary, we launched our first company.  The story is familiar, in that, we grew too fast and outpaced our space.  To keep up with demand  we opted to network with wholesale manufacturing associates that proved to be more than acquaintances. They became friends, teammates, and accomplices.  

Since that time we have made efforts to expand our associations and have built valuable relationships with other creatives, factory associates, wholesale and retail associates and so many  that contribute along the way!  I have said that my actual title is unimportant to me, so long as it has the word CREATIVE in it.   


There is nothing more exciting than having a new, fresh, original idea and then aligning it with all the pieces that make it a sound, profitable project.  There is magic in bringing something that once was nothing more than an idea... to life! 

In an industry that begs for do I!  


CHEERS to an unquenchable desire to create, and to the partners who work diligently together to accomplish amazing things!

© 2022   Carrie Olsen Garrard, all rights reserved

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